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How to Keep Seniors Eat Healthy

How to Keep Seniors Eat Healthy

As they age, our elderly loved ones may find it harder to eat healthily due to some changes in their life such as their health, medications, income, or lifestyle. As a dedicated Home Care in Duluth, Georgia, we have a few recommendations on how you can keep your loved ones eating healthily:

  • Serve foods with lots of nutrients and fewer extra calories
    When preparing for a healthy meal, you can choose fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Choose lean meats and low-fat milk and cheese. As much as possible, avoid including in your groceries chips, candies, or soda.
  • Exercise
    If you notice that your loved one starts to lose their appetite, you can accompany them in some physical activities. Exercise may help them feel hungrier. Getting home healthcare services might also be a good choice for your loved ones to make sure that they exercise and eat on time.
  • Let them eat with others
    Sometimes, your loved one is tired of eating alone. So make sure that you eat with them or invite some friends over to eat with them. You can also get companion care to have your loved one always accompanied and have someone to talk to while eating.

As a provider of Personal Care in Georgia, our caregivers at Dependable Homecare LLC can be the ones to make sure that your loved ones are eating healthy meals and getting their overall wellness. Get in touch with us by calling 678-900-4557 or emailing us at

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