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Ways Seniors Can Promote Heart Health at Home

Ways Seniors Can Promote Heart Health at HomeAge is a risk factor for many health issues, including heart disease. Contributing factors include limited mobility, weight gain, inactivity, and frailty.

Here are a few things seniors can do to promote heart health at home:


  • Exercise Regularly
    Exercise or recreational activity improves cardiovascular and respiratory health, reducing the risk of heart issues. Fun activities seniors can do at home include gardening, yoga, and taking walks. At Dependable Homecare LLC, we also provide Home Healthcare Services like Companion Care to help your loved ones with their activities at home.
  • Maintain a Healthy Weight
    The more excess body fat, especially around the gut area, the higher the risk of heart disease and other conditions like diabetes. Following a healthy diet and consulting dieticians can help seniors maintain a healthy weight and reduce the risk of health issues.
  • Manage Stress at Home
    High stress levels can increase the risk of heart disease and heart attacks. It can also contribute to high blood pressure, dementia, anxiety, and depression. Seniors can manage their stress at home by enjoying a hobby or socializing with loved ones.
  • Visit Your Doctor at Least Once a Year
    Prevention is better than cure. An annual checkup will help seniors detect health issues before they can develop into serious health conditions. Doctors can also teach seniors helpful lifestyle tips to preserve good health at home.

A healthy heart will help seniors remain independent at home longer. For healthcare assistance at home, we provide Home Care in Duluth, Georgia.

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